2012 Supercharged Camaro 2SS



k so now that I have gotten this far with the car, I got bored and have other things I would rather spend my money on now that I am retired. The car scene was fun but now she just sits in the garage till the battery is dead. I have to "force" myself just to drive it twice a week now. She needs love.

2012 Camaro 2SS Factory Hurst equipped and RS package, complete Heritage front grill assembly and H.U.D.(heads up display) Car has less than 37,000. Car is driven as it is intended but never abused on. Been to the drag strip once just for giggles but that is not what the car was built for. Of course it is not with out it's typical flaws since it is still driven.

The E85 fuel system is Flex Fuel and can run either 91 or E85. But pure E will give max HP of course and does have the filter, Y and regualator mounted but thaat was as far as have gotten with install. The F.A.S.T. fuel rails for the system had to modified to fit with this particular supercharger. After fab work, it was pressure tested and is good to go for fuel install. I have been told by all 3 of my tuners that once installed she should put down over 700 RWHP.

The Bad News
1. Cracked clear accross lower windshield but sits below H.U.D. so it never really bothered me.
2. Will need new battery because she sits too long. If I don't drive her more than once a week, I have to jump her.
3. Very minor but typical tiny parking lot surface scratches that can be easily buffed.
4. The typical curb rash on wheels. Talk to me in person about details on wheels.
5. Car is financed thru Pima Federal C.U. here in Tucson and of course would need to be paid off in order to recieve title or transfer title to new loan from your bank or C.U.

Now for the fun stuff..... 606 RWHP on Mustang Dyno
1. Technostalgia After-Burner tail lights $400.00
2. Cold Air Inductions CAI $400.00
3. Eibach Pro 1" lowering springs $217.00
4. Texas Speed & Performance 1 7/8" headers $515.00
5. DynaMax exhaust $630.00
6. LS3 24" O2 sensor extensions X2 $38.00
7. Niche Apex 10.5 x 20 W/ tires package $2674.00
8. PFADT rear tie rod $210.00
9. PFADT rear trailing arm set $235.00
10. PFADT rear solid subframe bushing set $695.00
11. RX Performance Catch can $199.00
12. RX Performance ported throttle body $350.00
13. BMR rear lower control arms $260.00
14. BMR driveshaft tunnel brace $95.00
15. White LED Fog lamp bulbs $22.00
16. BMR Xtreme sway bar end links $120.00
17. BMR Rear Sway bar
18. Brian Tooley Push Rods
19. Melling Oil Pump
20. Brian Tooley valve springs
21. CPR grind Lunati cam 231/239/114 at .0601 $ 1050.00
22. SLP TVS2300 supercharger $6500.00
23. ZL1 fuel pump
24. 98mm pulley
25. Moroso coolant reservoir
26. F.A.S.T 85# injectors $387.00
27. Fore Innovations E85 fuel kit -- not installed $2500.00
28. Carbon Creations body kit -- not installed $1375.00
29. Carbon fiber vented hood $1025.00
30. Carbon fiber rear spoiler $120.00

Car has $20,000+ in mods + any labor charges accrued. So KBB + cost of parts is $45,000+ So you will get EVERYTHING on the car for $12,500.
Get it all for $38,000. One can't build this car and be as reliable as it is for less.

There is a lot to a car like this, so I am sure there might be a small thing here or there, good or flawed that I may have forgotten, So please ask questions.

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