75 Overlander Improvements Journal



I have never run a renovation thread on these Forums. I thought I might try it instead of starting many threads here and there. I'll call it a journal as I really don't know what a "blog" is.

I wanted a new Airstream project. My goal is a travel ready vintage Airstream that we can use to explore the Rocky Mountain time zone and that my son's can use for their family vacations. Maybe I can make Airstreamers out of back packers roughing it in tents. Growing older and having kids makes a comfortable Airstream more attractive. We shall see.

I shopped the Classifieds here for about 6 weeks before I found a possible project trailer. It's an Overlander 27' International trim. It is a twin bed, rear bath layout. I made an appointment and did my due diligence with the inspection. I had a very kind seller who disclosed everything he knew about this trailer. No secrets. I do the same thing.

So I bought the thing and towed it home, no problems. It takes a good while to learn a new vintage Airstream, so I'm in the "discovery" phase. Oh, that's how that thing works!

So here I go. I will make a post when I think you might be interested in what I'm doing. And I will likely need help along the way.


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