absconding case



Hi I just want to ask regarding my problem.I've been working in a salon and they didn't give my 2 months salary..there's a time that I can't go to work cause I'm very sick and I can't even walk then i ask my boss to give my salary cause I need to go to doctor but he refuse to give..then before I went in ministry of labor her secretary told me that my boss filed me an absconding case..I went in ministry of labor and defend myself .we met there and we have conversation infront of the officer.I told the officer regarding the salary that he did not give for 2 months.then the officer told to me to file a case to my employer regarding that..after filing the case he did not response to any scheduled that the ministry of labor given us only me who always responding..so the officer told me to go directly in Dubai court to file case..he also did not responding there none of the hearing...now the judgement says I won the case and he needs to pay me the money..when I will collect my cheque this morning the counter told me to cancel my visa first to be able to collect my cheque..so I went in ministry of labor inside the court to file a cancellation..but the officer told me that I need to go back to ministry of labor main office to clear my absconding case again..I get really dissapointed cause I'm expecting that the absconding case that my employer filed will be also clears cause I won the case in Dubai court..I don't know what's going on..I dont have idea about it..cause I've been fighting for almost a year in Dubai court..and when I will collect my money and cancel my visa they told me that I still have a absconding case to clear..please help me..give some advise..thanks