Checklist for family to break-up daily tasks



I've gone through all the posted checklists and others from various sites and have started the process of doing our own. My problem with most checklists is they are too comprehensive and become overwhelming yet you need to do all this stuff. Moreover, we will be doing this as a couple yet sometimes with up to 3 additional adult children helpers so I'm breaking the checklists down into discrete tasks that can be assigned rotationally and fit on cards so each person can follow the checklist in their own time.

The plan is to have 3 cards for (Departure & Arrival) where 2 are permanently laminated and 1 is issued daily because it contains all the metrics the first driver of the day would need to know before leaving. Metrics card gets stored in a small card file box so we can go back and see if a tire has been a problem, etc.
One card would be for whenever we do a dump.

DEPARTURE - Interior (everything except metrics)
DEPARTURE - Exterior including Hitch/Utilities/Stabilizers excepting Metrics

ARRIVAL - Campsite Setup (Table, fire, grill, wood, hammock, etc)
ARRIVAL - Exterior including Hitch/Utilities/Stabilizers
ARRIVAL - Interior (Meal or Hiking Food Prep)

EVENING PRE-DEPARTURE - group discussion assignments on the fly

DUMP - All the detailed steps

So I'm curious if
(1) anyone else has a system to do setup/takedown by a group this way
(2) your thoughts on the DEPARTURE METRICS card below.

Expect to finish this by the end of the week and will follow the format for the INTERIOR CHECKLIST with everything fitting on an AVERY postcard size.