CPU Upgrade path from x5660 xeon.

Discussion in 'More' started by Mr Meltdown, Jun 19, 2017.

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    I'm running a x5660 @ 4.5Ghz with a GTX 1080. I'm pretty much maxed out as far as x58 goes, the cpu will actually go faster (4.6Ghz is no effort at all and I havent tried any higher) but would need better water cooling to cope under heavy load (Kraken x61 atm) if i was going to explore more than that.

    I love xeons and was toying with going x79 x99 s2011 and some e5 goodness but now Ryzen has appeared and is tempting me.

    I game so that is pretty much the heavy usage area.

    Would you plumb straight for Ryzen or snap up others old s2011 stuff as they go Ryzen? I usually try and run several years behind the curve tbh as it is cheaper and gave up buying new stuff years ago, but now i am tempted.

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