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Discussion in 'Share' started by Dice144, Oct 5, 2015.

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    On my Gigabyte Z97 WiFi, my second dimm stopped working. I didn't use it while it was my Plex server. Turned the PC into my Hackintosh and with any ram in the second slot the board will not post. To eliminate any Hackintosh issues I even hooked back up my Win 10 SSD.

    Board turns on for about 7 seconds then reboots. The bios/UEFI splash screen does not load or anything. I am being lazy but guess time to RMA

    This is the second ITX motherboard where just the second dimm doesn't work. My first was an MSI Nightblade barebones kit. Years of building PCs and first two motherboards that only the second dimm won't work.

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