Family Tree viewing problem?



I have been travelling interstate and as of last week have had trouble accessing my matches' provided trees.

Sometimes I could get in but could not move beyond the initial page showing the DNA match and nearest generations. Other times, it doesn't even load.

It sits for up to forty minutes (I left it trying for that long) and just showed the whirling circle.

Same issue if I search a surname in the tree and click on that. It makes no difference if I am in 'family' view or 'ancestry' view.

Sometimes I can see the page being loaded, sort of faded out behind the whirling circle. But it doesn't ever come through.

Because I was borrowing computers I thought it might be the various settings on those devices, but I'm back home now and the same thing is happening. Consistently. It seems unrelated to time of day, cookies and history being cleared, chrome or firefox or explorer. That's all I've tried.

Is this a known bug or am I the only one having this problem? I saw one other post referencing something similar but no resolution was posted.