[FF2] FF2 Sub-Plugin help



I have my server fully functional by following the "Installing from scratch" guide here. (https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=229013) This was a nice and easy laid out tutorial that I am thankful for. The problem I am having is coming with messing around with the custom weapons aspect of the sub-plugin "TF2 Items". When in game I know for a fact that the plugin is installed correctly as I am able to run both the commands on the thread with out any errors! There was an example weapons that give the pyro (if I recall 9 being the pyro shotty) a shot gun. I did no such changes to the file except add my own steam id to test it out. Problem is when starting the game / round it does not give it to me. Is there something I am missing? I did also compile the other part of the plugin that the post told me to compile.

Thanks for the help anyone can offer!