Fulltone OCD vs Boss Blues Driver



Originally Posted by Bad Monkey (Post 1485036)
you are trying to compare handmade, true bypass pedals to mass produced buffered pedals...that's apples to oranges my friend....enjoy.
None of those factors make it an "apples & oranges" comparison if they sound similar. And with the OCD in LP mode, they definitely are similar. But the OCD has that HP mode and is more versatile. But the weird output impedance on the OCD has caused me a lot of grief when putting it in the chain with other pedals.

I would have to say the choice would really be determined by the amp you use. If you're using a bass heavy amp, the OCD with it's ample bass would make things too boomy, imo. The BD-2's top end, on the other hand sound pretty harsh with Marshalls. But they tend to sound great with Fenders.