-----Gorgeous Tim Scruggs-----



O.K. this one goes without saying. Clean as can be and not one scratch on it. :thumbup:

$3,500 OBO Shipping Included

Pristine Condition Scruggs
Straight Together or Apart
Radial Pin
Forearm: Maple w/ Rosewood Points
Butt Sleeve: Rosewood
All White Is Ivory
Stainless Steel Joint
Length: 58”
Butt: 29” @ 14.8 oz
Both Shafts 13mm
Shaft #1: 29” @ 4.3 oz
Shaft #2: 29” @ 4.5 oz
Leather Wrap
Moori Medium Tips
Rings At All Positions
Butt Cap: Delrin
TS Logo Joint Protectors
Clean 1x2 Whitten Case
Solid Tim Scruggs Custom Cue

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