Governor-General Apologizes for Referring to Indigenous People as Immigrants



It's very interesting to see David Johnston criticized for stating a fact:
Originally Posted by The Globe and Mail
Gov. Gen. David Johnston apologized publicly Monday for referring to Indigenous Peoples as immigrants as he bestowed honours on 29 people — including the frontman of the Tragically Hip — for their efforts in furthering indigenous causes.

Johnston told the investiture ceremony he misspoke when he said during a CBC Radio interview aired Saturday that the roots of Canadian immigration extend all the way back to include indigenous people.

The comments, aired on CBC’s politics program “The House,’ touched off a flurry of criticism on social media, where some listeners complained that Johnston’s remarks reflected a deep-seated colonial mentality.

“Let me apologize for not expressing myself correctly on this matter recently,” Johnston told Monday’s gathering, which followed an apologetic tweet of his own earlier in the day.

“Indigenous Peoples are the original peoples of this land.”

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While there's no denying that First Nations are the original peoples of this land, that doesn't preclude them from having migrated here from Asia, a theory which is well supported by DNA evidence. Why is saying this considered taboo?