Guide to the New AnandTech Community



It's my pleasure to welcome you all to the new AnandTech Forums. The new forums have increased security, speed, and are easily expandable to account for any future needs. I know change can be a bit overwhelming. Not to worry! The AnandTech Community Staff created this handy FAQ to address any questions that should arise while you're navigating this brave new world.

A quick caveat! The links contained on this guide will not function until after the transition. Think of this guide as a small preview of what is yet to come!

The Account Page
Before you start exploring the forums proper, I implore you to check out your Account Page first! You can reach your Account Page at any time by clicking on your username at the top right corner of the page. You'll find many new features and options to customize on your Account Page.

Account Page Quick Links
There are many handy quick links located throughout the new forum interface. If you ever need to access your account settings simply mouse over your username at the top right of the screen.

Account Page User Menu
The Account Page User Menu is located on the left hand side of your Account Page and contains links to settings, options, as well as forum feeds and alerts.

Status Message
You now have the ability to create a status message for your profile page. Simply type up to 140 characters and press enter. You now have a status message!

Your Alerts
Alerts are in forum notifications that, well, alert you to happenings around the forum. You can find alerts both on your Account Page or by mousing over the flag in the upper right corner of the page. Alerts can range from receiving a like to receiving a trophy or you can even be alerted when another user quotes your message. To customize your Alerts check out your Alert Preferences page.

People You Follow
You can follow any user to keep track of their posts. Think of followers of friends who really like what you have to say. The list of users you follow will populate this list. You can follow a user by clicking on their username and selecting "Follow."

People You Ignore
Conversely, you can ignore users as well. Ignoring a user will result in all of their posts being hidden. To ignore someone click on their avatar and click on the Ignore link on their member card.

Your News Feed
Your News Feed displays all of the new posts from users you follow. It’s a great way to filter out the fluff and see what the people you follow are up to. You can view all recent activity across the forum by clicking "Recent Activity," located at top right of your News Feed.

Watched Threads and Watched Forums
Subscriptions have been replaced by Watched Threads and Watched Forums.
You have the option to watch any thread you like and also to receive emails when there are new posts in that thread. To do this go to the thread you want to watch and click on "Watch Thread" in the top right of the thread.

You will receive either an e-mail notification or forum alert whenever someone posts in a "watched thread." You also have the ability to get alerts and updates for new posts in forums by clicking "Watch Forum" located at the top right of each forum.

Private messages are now called "Conversations." Most other boards split private messages into an "Inbox" and "Sent." In contrast, "Conversations" are threaded. All private messages to a user or users appear in a single thread, and you will always be able to see when your conversation was last read. You can add other members to your conversation and remove yourself from conversations as well.

How do I report a conversation?
Go to the message you want to report and click the report button at the bottom of the conversation.

How do I invite more people into a conversation?
If you are able to invite more participants into a conversation, there will be an Invite More link in the right hand sidebar.

You can invite more people into conversations you have started, or in those where the conversation starter has ticked the box to allow it.

If you are starting a conversation and do not want the recipient(s) to invite others in, do not tick this option.

How do I receive emails for conversation replies?
Click Contact Details in your user menu. Tick the box for 'Receive email when a new conversation message is received.

What does locking a conversation do?
When you start a conversation, there is an option to lock it. This means that no one can respond to your conversation.

Two-Step Verification
The new AnandTech Forums now have Two-Step Verification built in. Secure yourself and your passwords. Highly, highly, recommend you enable this feature. Here's a direct link to the two-step verification page. Click it. Enable it. Be secure.

You asked and we listened. Search on the AnandTech Forums has gotten better, a whole lot better. First off, we expanded, improved, and consolidated search into one single search box. It is now possible to search profile posts and members from the main search system via the Search Profile Posts and Search Everything tabs. You can also search within a thread, something which wasn’t possible before. The content type is now indicated in the search results, as well as any matching member names which are displayed in a sidebar. To search simply click the search box located underneath your username.

This is a new system which enables us to target different groups and members, to ensure pertinent information is seen. Some notices will be visible when logged out and some when logged in. In most cases, notices which are visible when logged in can be permanently dismissed by clicking the X in the top right corner. If there is more than one notice being displayed at the same time, the scrolling effect can be halted by hovering over the notice. You can also click on the notice tab to display specific notices.

Warning System
In the past problems and issues have been dealt with in an informal manner, usually taking the form of a private message from a moderator. We will now be utilizing a formal warning system, which will allow for more uniform and fair treatment for all members. This will avoid any claims of bias and ensure every member is dealt with fairly and equally.