H.O.D. 10/5/15 Monroe Community Park



Monroe Community Park is a 24hole course set in a small town north of Cincinnati, OH. This is probably one of the best designed short courses I have ever played. They used the available land to perfection. Uphill, downhill, hyzers, tunnel shots, except for lacking a couple long bomb holes this course really does have it all.

Sorry there aren't any other pics. The basket is 186ft more or less straight behind the three trees that run down the middle. Moderately uphill, this hole almost always gives me trouble. I don't quite have the accuracy for the shot required, which is a late flipping hyzer flip with a putter. I usually try to throw a flex FH around the right side of the trees, letting it fade back towards the basket. Beware of the cluster of trees just short and right of the basket(can just barely see them).