Homologation questions (again)



I bought an '83 Ralt RT-4 in 2015. It came with a log book and no homologation papers.

My drivetrain has been changed to motorcycle power, but otherwise is the same basic chassis. All of the conversion parts are bolt-on.

I've been reading the updated GCR and I'm seeing somewhat conflicting statements.

Before I call SCCA, I thought I'd post here to see if anyone has recently gotten an answer, or may know for sure.

From my terrible memory: I think I remember that cars converted to FS no longer require re-homologation (like they did in the early days of FS), and that common makes/models (Van Diemans, Ralts, Reynards, Swifts, etc.) don't require homologation (since thousands have been racing in SCCA Club Racing for decades).

TIA. If I call SCCA I'll post here what they say.