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    I recently acquired a 30- inch California King snake. I named it "Mattress" (California King?), but was aware that while SOME kings will eat in captivity, others will not. Some go on a hunger strike in captivity, and if they won't eat, they need to be released.

    So I got a couple of feeder mice (I know, two at a time is generally not ideal, but, I still gave it a shot). It took a full five seconds for the snake to capture the first mouse. He was swallowing it, but still had a wiggling tail sticking out of his mouth, when he went for the second mouse. Wow!

    So, I figured he must be hungry... I got him two more. This time, my hand had not even gotten out of the way before the snake struck the first (no, the snake did not touch me, but it was really ONE second from the time I placed the mouse in there until it was struck by the snake). Death was quick, but before he could begin consuming it, he went for the second mouse. Killed #2, ate it, and THEN came back for #1.

    This thing is docile, and comfortable around humans... he exhibits no aggressive behaviors, and makes no attempt to bite. Well, unless you are a mouse, in which case, he's not so docile.

    I guess I have an eater!

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