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Discussion in 'More' started by vitaliy, Oct 5, 2015.

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    We did it! Few minutes ago! Now my wife and I are officially part of the best community in the world!
    Huge thanks to each and every one of you!

    Our Model S is white 85D with tan next gen. seats, panoramic roof, white headliner, piano decor, 19" wheels (to be replaced with dark 20"), and autopilot! December delivery....
    Since we and @Max* are from VA, his referral link is for $2,000 off ($1,000 immediately and $1,000 later). Thanks @Max*!

    For those who know me - I was waiting for almost 4 month to see if Model S will get any love during Model X release, but it didn't... and we don't want to wait any longer! The only regret is - why we haven't done it sooner o_O.

    Our current list of accessories is as follows:
    + Premium front console [$600]
    + Forgestar F14s in Matte Gunmetal in 20x9 20x10.5 with 245/275 Continental DW tires [about $2,500]
    + Tesla genuine wheel caps [~ $50]
    + BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond All Finish Paint Protection [$100]
    + Rain Repellent Glass Treatment [$30]
    + Removable Front License Plate Bracket [$115]
    + Window tint [$400]
    + Trunk organizer [$50]
    + NVX subwoofer [$1,000]
    + Caliper Paint Kit [$80] + Caliper decals "T E S L A" [$10]
    Subtotal is $4,935

    - $2,500 savings with standard audio
    - $700 for selling original 19" wheels on eBay
    Total = $1735

    Vitaliy & Kseniia

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