Just purchased this 2016 Hyper Blue SS in NY and having it shipped out to Phoenix!



Just finished the paperwork for this new 2016 Camaro SS in New York so it is officially mine! Getting it shipped out to Phoenix this week with an enclosed transport.

Since my preordered one is still in QC hell in Michigan with no ETA in sight I decided to buy one already on the lot someone. Im so over the drama of ordering a car and having no clue where its at or whats wrong with it

So Stoked!!!! :):eyebulge::eyebulge::eyebulge::eyebulge::eyebulg e:

This is the same car that was in this post last week. The post said it was sold but I guess someone backed out of the sale and I found it on Autotrader last Wednesday night, called Thursday morning and yup it was available. Been making phone calls and signing paper since then! Has all the options I want on it plus got over $1100 dollars off MSRP!!!!!!!!!!