LF: Black Gum Drops!



Here's some stuff I'm trading!

I'm also looking for 5 Hail Maleficent pins.

I value them both at about 500c btw

2x 60th Celebration Minnie Dress
1x Baseball Cap Pink
5x Sparrow Vest Black
5x Sparrow Pants Black
1x Coral Boots
1x Coral Pants
1x Coral Top
1x Black Cowboy Top with Vest
1x Red Cowboy Top with Vest
1x Red Cowboy Top w/o Vest
2x Full Vader Outfit
1x Duffy Ears
6x Full Ella Butterfly Dress
2x Nemo Shirt
3x Flower Crown Blue
2x Flower Crown Green
3x Flower Crown White
3x Flower...

LF: Black Gum Drops!