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    This is kind of a cross-post from the Model X subforum, but it is News and all of it glowing and welcome after the long wait for Tesla's third automobile offering. Everyone needs a few moments of good reports - Tesla, Elon and forum members.

    : Tesla’s Model X is finally here, and I got to drive it | The Verge

    : What Its Like To Drive The Tesla Model X

    Road and Track: Tesla Model X Driving Impressions: It's Unsettlingly Fast

    Motor Trend: This Electric Crossover is Full of Awesome Tech Surprises
    2016 Tesla Model X: 15 Things to Know About the EV CUV All Pages

    Wired: Tesla’s Model X Is Here, and It’s as Awesome as We Hoped

    USA Today: First drive: Tesla Model X is an awesome way to spend $132,000

    Car and Driver: 2016 Tesla Model X: Tesla's Electric Crossover Finally Spreads Its Wings
    Enter the electric falcon.
    2016 Tesla Model X Official Photos and Info Car and Driver

    Gizmodo: Tesla's Model X Is Finally Here: The Stuff We Didn't Already Know (UPDATED)
    Teslat Already Know (UPDATED)

    Mashable: Tesla Model X revealed: 250-mile range, Falcon Wing doors, Ludicrous mode

    Business Insider: Here is the Tesla Model X - Business Insider

    Green Car Reports: Tesla Model X: The New Safest SUV?

    CNET: Tesla Model X: Getting behind the wheel of an all-electric, high-performance SUV
    2016 Tesla Model X Preview - CNET

    AOL video:
    Tesla Model X Test Drive - AOL On

    Fox Business: Tesla Model X a 'Litmus Test' for SUVs and Luxury Cars
    Tesla Model X a for SUVs and Luxury Cars | Fox Business

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