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    So after starting off the year undefeated in Novice class in both Raw and PAX times, I stepped up to A-Street for 1 event since my "Rookie Class" didn't start until the next event. Stepping into A-Street was certainly a learning experience and although I had a bad day, I wasn't going to do much better than 3rd even with a few extra runs. At that particular event I was out Raw timed by a 2015 GTI in G-Street so his PAX was MILES faster than mine. He is one of my main competitors in Rookie Class now, so coming into our 2 day event this past weekend I felt like even my best performance was going to fall short of his PAX. So on Saturday after a final run downed cone in my path, I was granted a re-run and I pulled off a 1.5 second improvement over my fastest run! That jumped my PAX time to a full second ahead of the GTI when I had been trailing him all day! That sent me into Sunday with a comfortable lead, but I still felt like I pulled off something that I may not be able to duplicate and assumed he had a bad day. After some good tips from a very fast driver in a C7 Grand Sport. I laid down my best time of the day on my second run and I wasn't able to improve it for the last 2 runs. All in all it was a great time and I brought home the win and I was very pleased with my overall PAX for a guy who only started autoXing 5 month ago!

    Below are the results, but for reference this GTI ran a 57.790 and I ran a 58.641 at the previous event. Granted I improved to a 57.010 during fun runs but that still wouldn't have beaten his PAX, so I would have lost to him if we had started Rookie class then.

    BTW I will update this thread with my PDR footage when I have time to upload it.

    Day 1 Results (Raw/PAX)

    2015 GTI (w/RE-71R's) G-Street PAX

    1. (66.535/52.762)
    2. (66.695/52.889)
    3. (66.540/52.766)
    4. (67.167/53.263)

    Finish (105th Overall, 2nd Rookie, 71st PAX, out of 174 Competitors)

    2017 SS 1LE (w/Supercar 3's) A-Street PAX

    1. (68.332/55.963)
    2. (65.387/55.190) +1 CONE
    3. (64.738/53.020)
    4. (71.378/58.458) RERUN
    5. (63.372/51.901)

    Finish (64th Overall, 1st Rookie, 54th PAX, out of 174 Competitors)

    Day 2 Results (Raw/PAX)

    2015 GTI (w/RE-71R's)

    1. (70.118/55.603)
    2. (68.501/54.321)
    3. (69.445/56.655) +1 CONE
    4. (68.990/DNF) +3 CONES and DNF off course

    Finish (77th Overall, 2nd Rookie, 43rd PAX, out of 162 Competitors)

    2017 SS 1LE (w/Supercar 3's)

    1. (69.934/57.275)
    2. (66.011/54.063)
    3. (66.371/55.995) +1 CONE
    4. (66.538/54.494)

    Finish (51st Overall, 1st Rookie, 39th PAX, out of 162 Competitors)

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