Tag mismatch error and not working code



Hello, what Im trying to do here after a playerteam event loop through all the players and send them a message, and if the player in the loop is the player from the event send them a differnt message.
At the moment sending the player a differnt message works but sending other player messages dont. I get a tag mismatch warning in the final if statment, which I dont undedrstand as both variables are ints.

public Action Event_PlayerTeam(Event evEvent, char[] szEvent, bool bDontBroadcast)
int iUserId = evEvent.GetInt("userid");
int iClient = GetClientOfUserId(iUserId);

if (iClient <= 0 || iClient > MaxClients || view_as<bool>(evEvent.GetInt("disconnect"))) {
return Plugin_Continue;

for (int i = 1; i <= GetMaxClients(); i++)
if (IsValidClient(i) && !IsFakeClient(i))
int targetPlayer = i;
PrintToChat(iClient, "You are: [%i] and player refrence is: [%i]", iClient, targetPlayer);
if(!targetPlayer==iClient) //TAG MISMATCH WARNING
PrintToChat(i, "You are the player from the event");
PrintToChat(i, "PLAYER!HWEAH");