Thoughts on this brass snare?



Hey all,
I went to a shop in Osaka over the weekend looking for a brass snare. They had two of AK's snares, some ludwigs, and one by canopus that I really liked. I compared the ak with the black beauty and the canopus black nickel over brass. Even though it's a welded seamed shell I enjoyed the sound more than the other two.

I am close to pulling the trigger on it, but wanted people's opinion of this canopus vs the TKO snare. I didn't get to try out the tko, but many people rave about it. It seems like it's the holy grail of brass snares. Someone also once said that it's the "Guru" of metal snares.
I also like how it sounds and the way it looks, however it for one seems a little drier than the canopus and its twice the price here (in yen)
Here's the links! Canopus TKO

What do you think? What differences are you hearing?