WTS: ITW Fastmags, SB15 Brace, HSGI


Mr. Longbaugh

Price includes priority mail shipping (no longer local to SoCal). Paypal gift only. PM me if interested for more photos or paypal info. Thanks!

Sig SB15 AR pistol brace: $125
Included is the extra velcro strap and pistol buffer tube pictured (no spring or buffer). Item was installed but never left home.

ITW Fastmags (used): $20/ea (pistol mags), $25 (AR mag)
All mag pouches are the molle version. Pistol mag pouches are black. AR mag pouch is foliage green.

HSGI subload with taco maf pouches: $80
2 Multicam AR taco mag pouches and HSGI small subload. All are in like new condition. I'll leave the Maxpedition mag pouch with it as well.