About Cycling PI



Hello everyone,

Cycle is a great add on the S6 and we've been waiting for it for a while.
Thanks for this add.

However, i'd like to give you my feedback :

The biggest S6 we have here is a 48 faders and we have a dedicated permanent knob module in expand at the center of our config (ICON style).

Imagine that we're working on an EQ located on the first strip of the console (you'll agree, it's a bit far from the center ), we'd like to cycle the expanded Knob Module to the next EQ, so we have to go to this first strip, do a cycle and then go back to the center …
I know that sport is good for the Tech guys … but wouldn't it be possible to have Soft Keys "CYCLE EQ" and "CYCLE DYN" to be able to cycle the tracks that are attentionned at the center of desk ?

Thank you guys.