Bitcoin: The Globalists Hate it...My prediction



I Beleive Elite/Globalists/Global Bankers are not happy with the Rise Bitcoin (trading at $5,700 today)....Which they have little control over

A few weeks ago Jamie Diamond (JPMorgan CEO) blasted Bitcoin calling it a Fraud, and that he would personally fire any trader at JPM trading it.

A few minutes ago on CNBC Sauid prince Alaweed, came out stating its likened to Enron

My prediction is that we are going to see more of this opposition building from the establishment... until they are able to fabricate an "event" or series "events" giving impetus for worldwide regulators to Step in .....We are going to see a world wide regulation /and or outright ban from multiple countries in turn the share price will crash causing the most "pain" for the most people. In the short run I believe it will continue to rise perhaps to $10k, even 25k call is that we will see this in the next 1-3 yrs