Capricorn - Harsh life



Why do people think I am weak?

I am a Capricorn...

Capricorn can live a harsher life.

Martin Luther King Jr... can handle difficult life...
somebody had to kill him... because he was too unstoppable.

Life pressure is nothing.

I'm just not the housewife type... I like being outside of the home.
I don't really care about family.

My dad didn't either... he was a Capricorn... He left
the family... and my mom an Aries has to take care of her children and be a teacher and pay the bills.

I enjoyed seeing crimes in Los Angeles. I enjoyed seeing people doing things.
I enjoyed the man talking and joking on the city bus.

I like going to the movie at the movie theatre...
I like going out at night as well... enjoy the cold and the rain.

I survived the high school and college....

Film career, no? I should try... why not? I love challenges. :smile: