Code geass lost colors: Love time reversed



Code geass lost colors fanfiction.
Pairing: Rai (lost colors hero) x Nunnally.
Summary: Serie of One-shots about Rai (the hero of lost colors) x Nunnally as children. (Nunnally is five year old and Rai is eight year old at the beginning)

Chapter One : A first love born.


What a strange notion.

Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it you can never get it back.

That was how Nunnally Vi Britannia, 101 Empress of Britannia, felt it.

Everything, all her precious memories, all the recent event, all she said, all she did, all the people she had met.

Her precious Onii-Sama (big brother).

Her mother.

The maid Sayoko-San.

Her childhood friend Susaku Kururugi-San.

Euphemia Onee-Sama (big sister).


The student council.

Everyone was slowly driven away as the time began to flow. That is how Nunnally felt.

Even thought she never regretted anything and treasured all their moments together, Nunnally has felt somehow very lonely when Lelouch was out to 'create a perfect world for her' without her knowing.

She felt it was somehow her fault, for saying that she wished for a gentle world.

Yet she wasn't totally honest...All she ever wanted was that her brother would spent time with her. As they did when...before...

When their mother was still alive.

Even her childhood friend Suzaku-San was busy with his work in Britannia's army and even more when he became Euphi Onee-Sama's Knight.

Also, even if she was happy for Euphemia she couldn't help but feel a bit jealous that her sister got a knight.

Someone to be with, to be protected at any cost, a holly pledge toward his lady just like in the stories her mother told her.

To have such a person...would it be sacrilegious to wish for that? To never feel such awful feeling as loneliness.

What if...

What if nothing happened?

What if her brother never got any reason to become Zero.

What if Suzaku-San never got damaged by the death of Euphemia Onee-Sama.

What if Onii-Sama never...died.

What if mother was still here too.


What if she would have actually met such person.

Such a wonderful knight on her own.

Would it be possible?

Reversing time.

Different things.

Different persons to meet.

Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it you can never get it back.

But if you were...actually capable to come back...To make a wish. To change the course of time.

What would you do?


I would...

And so began the wish of Nunnally Vi Britannia under a 1000 Origamis folded.

I want to meet that person!

The unreachable becomes reachable.

The unavailable become available.

A new person to meet.

A new friendship to be made.

A new love to be born.

-A new beginning-

While her mother's back had been turned, she'd somehow managed to scamper up a tree to see a bird's nest.

Quite frankly, She was surprised she'd made it that far.

She would've expected to trip over one of the cracks in the sidewalk before she ever made it up the tree.

But apparently the bird's nest was too important for her to miss. Some strange force had kept her upright all the way into the high branches.

"Just a moment, just a little more…" she murmured, reaching a little slim white hand out towards the nest.

For just a moment, time stopped. The nest contained only two baby birds.

Something was perfect about that moment, as her fingers brushed the rough twine of the nest, her eyes lit up with joy as she smiled.

The sunlight catching in the leaves and in her hair, filtering pale beams of light to leave patterns on Young Nunnally Vi Britannia's ivory skin and pink dress.

She would always remember that moment just after the fall.


But at the time, she faintly heard the branch creaking. Nunnally was falling. Her mother's panicked voice cut the silence as she cried Nunnally's name.


Marriane Vi Britannia hurried over, but stopped when she saw that something had broken her daughter's fall.

No, correction—someone had broken Nunnally's fall.

A quite handsome young man around her son's age with silver hair and blue sky eyes. Now he was smiling at Nunnally, while she was in his arms.

"Are you alright?" asked the young man.

"Ah. Y-Yes." said Nunnally who got quite nervous.




Nunnally was a cute lively child. This was the first time Marriane saw her this nervous.

Still the young man didn't let go and said with a gentle smile :

"I thought an angel fell from the sky."

The next thing Marriane knew, her daughter, the eleventh princess of the holy Britannia empire, Nunnally vi Britannia's face was bright red.

A first love was born in the reversed time

End of first chapter.