Anyone else looked into being able to carry concealed in Colorado, as a CA resident?

the State of Colorado will recognize a valid permit issued in another state IF the permit was issued to a resident of the state issuing the permit, and the permit tee is 21 yrs of age or older, AND the other state recognizes Colorado permits as valid in their state.
CA does not (and probably never will) recognize any permits other than CA permits. So that rules that out.

CO does not recognize non-resident permits from any other states.

Only option left is a non-resident CO permit. But the state's official policy is they only issue to non-residents who "own real property or a business in Colorado."

Has anyone ever tried to get a business permit, or buy a tiny plot of land (say, 100 square feet in the middle of the desert) and use that as a basis for applying? Are non-resident permits "shall issue" or "may issue"?

I spend a decent amount of time in the Rockies, and honestly will probably start finding other places to visit instead if CO is going to carry this attitude about CCW's.