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[FREELANCE: HireTeamMate Talent Scout]

Quickly develop fundamental social media marketing skills and make money doing it.

Apply here: hxxps://bit.ly/htmscout

Who we are:
The Talent Scout team at HireTeamMate is designed to reach job-seekers and professionals to fill new openings as they are needed. And this is Silicon Valley—they’re needed. More than ever. We are the Uber for hiring—we pick up those job-seekers and drive them to the roles that suit them.

We train you to reach out to job-lookers, job-considerers, job-possibly-s. Learn essential LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and other tech marketing strats, all while making money on every sign up, including bonuses for qualified applicants, and huge bonuses for every landed job. Help us simplify the job search for startups, tech companies, and the rest!

• Self-motivated and result-oriented
• Fast learner
• Ability to commit at least 15+ hours/week to market our brand

• Experience in Marketing, Recruiting, Sales, Business Development
• Ability to commit at least 30+ hours/week to market our brand
• Ability to groom job candidates for an exact job match
• Ability to execute very focused marketing strategies

Please message me for more info! More details via HireTeamMate: hxxp://bit.ly/htmscout