Hillary buying trying to buy coalminers votes



Now Hillary is openly attempting to buy the coal miners votes after the democrats have been dumping on them for many years.

Hillary Clinton Unveils $30 Billion Plan to Help Coal Towns

Hillary Rodham Clinton, seeking to balance support for new environmental regulations with the effect those rules could have on workers, unveiled a $30 billion plan on Thursday to help coal miners adjust to their changing landscape.
Who says the democrats don't use taxpayer money to buy votes. I just hope that they are smart enough to see what this is.

The plan is part of Mrs. Clinton’s broader agenda on clean energy, and the funds would be intended to help workers affected by any closings of coal-fired power plants, a potential result of new Environmental Protection Agency regulations put in place by the Obama administration.

Mrs. Clinton has suggested that she would add to those regulations and has recently come out against projects such as the Keystone XL oil pipeline, which environmentalists strongly oppose.
Here is 30 billion now we are going to screw you some more.