His SN conj my Lilith with my SN conj his Moon



So there was this guy who was a senior when I was a freshman in high school that I used to have a crush on but he would bully the **** out of me. Not to my face but he would say such rude things about me and I had never even talked to him before. Despite him being that way I was still attracted to him.

Whenever I started getting really close to one of my best friends she moved in with me and it turned out he was her cousin. It was 2015 so about a year after I graduated. But recently I've been having dreams about him confessing his love to me and making love to me. I don't usually have dreams like that. Out of all the people that I could have those kinds of dreams about, why would it be with someone so insignificant? KARMIC SYNASTRY MAYBE?

His Moon conjuncts my SN and my Lilith conjuncts his SN

What do you guys think about it?