How would you approach this website front-page?


Jesse Custer

I thought I'd ask for some advice as I'm a bit of an IM Noob.

So, after performing research I picked a good product with many variants on Amazon.

I went looking for domains during the Black Friday sale and manged to get "".

I took it because it's a buying keyword. It has around 500 searches a month but the items are around $100 for a cheap one. The Semrush keyword metric is around 75.

The question I have is about the front-page. People will go to the website presumably to purchase these products. How do I as an affiliate structure the page?

I have thought of showing the different categories of product in a table. Let's say it's cars. A lead-in paragraph with images of sport / family / SUVs. Now, if they click on the image should that take them directly to Amazon or my inner page specifically about the category? Is this a breach of Amazon rules?

Any help / commments is greatly appreciated.