INFINii - Revolution Dropshipping + High Margin Of Over 500%



Hello to all Blackhat forum members,

my name is Mario Galabov and I want to present you a unique thing that will completely change the global Ecommerce.

Many of you know what is dropshiping and that the profit goes averaging about 10-15%.

I met dropshiping more than a year and a half through the DSD system (DS Domination) after a close friend of mine showed me how earning $ 250 a week to a few hours a day.

After completing a full training and is familiar with the system only after two months I started doing $ 750 per month. I guess many of you have heard of this system, which has over 100,000 users and because it has safety equipment over two billion USD and profit of over 280 million dollars.

But actually it does not matter. What I talk is that these same people start a new system that will truly change of 360 degrees in the Ecommerce World.

Anyone who understands a bit of dropshiping knows that the big profits come from high margin products. Such products can be bought from China and sell a premium to 500-600%, but so need large investments. But it was all so today.

From now on there will be a new system called INFINii.

This system offers all of us to do and cooperatives to purchase products with higher
margins. All this is a 100% safe and secure way, and here are my reasons for this:

1st: Everything passes through the account of the company (ie people are protected)

2nd: Everyone has equal rights how many product package may include

3rd: The selection of products is done thanks to the experience and knowledge of the system (as you can participate in only products that you like)

4th: The company has developed the best compensation program for partners that I have seen until now.

If you need more info do not hesitate to contact with me vie PM or skype: spcorp2