More like Mitsudomoe - Especially humiliated haughties



I absolutely loved everything about Mitsudomoe, its humor was straight up my alley and I loved just about anything to do with Mitsuba especially, she's such a perfect himedere / tsundere character.

My only main point of critique would be there isn't any MORE of it...

So there's actually 4 related requests I wanna make.

1) Something like Mitsudomoe, except with older characters: As much as I enjoyed its ecchi humor, I would probably have been able to enjoy it it to its fullest had the characters actually been older. The physical teasing especially I loved.

2) More like Mitsuba: As in, I'd love more anime featuring a very haughty bitch of a character constantly ending up foiled and humiliated instead. Ironically Jessie from Pokemon might quality for this, but I think part of why Mitsuba was 'better at it' was because she gave other characters an actual reason to want to specifically humiliate her - especially with her easy targets such as her belly.

3) More queenbitch rivalries: Part of the reason Mitsuba worked so well for me was because of her rivalry with Sugisaki, two bitchy tsundere-like characters constantly trying to one-up and humiliate the other. Not sure if any anime exist that actually focus on something like that, but I'd love it. Also loved Sugisaki's obsession with getting panty-pics of Mitsuba.

4) More of THAT kind of humor: The ecchi-humor, the visual gags, the physical teasing, characters being in so much agony, a perverted mom wanting Mitsuba to dominate her, just about everything in it worked so well for me. I loved every bit of it. Any anime similar in style of humor would be loved.

Long-winded request, I know, sorry about that. Figure it might be best to be more specific rather than vague.