My CPU watercooler was a bit wetter than I'd like



So, around the 3rd of Dec, I ordered a refurbed H105. I've had people staying all week, so when it arrived, I didn't have time to actually open it.

I took the cellephane wrapping off today and found everything a bit 'damper' than I'd like:

Most of the coolant had soaked into the eggbox style liner or has been contained in the plastic. Upon further inspection, I found the source of the leak - the plastic component connecting the tubing to the CPU block has literally sheared off.

Its been sat under my bed since it arrived and all the thermal paste etc is in perfect condition which hopefully allays any doubts that I may have done it during installation or what have you.

Anyway, how should I proceed? If I send it back, would you like me to wrap it in plastic to stop it leaking further during the post?