Our synastry is... WOW



I met this guy at a party last week and got to talking about astrology with him, which of course turned into him asking me to interpret his natal chart. I got his number so I could text him the info, but I only just got around to it today because my mind has been focused on this other guy that I really like... So I did the chart for the guy I met at the party, plus our synastry just for kicks... and WOW are we compatible!!! Our dual cosmodyne total score is 135.48! What's really funny is that on I've actually been trying to find the most compatible chart to mine recently; I found 1984 and 1988 were ideal years where a potential mate might've been born, and this guy was born in 1984!!! He's 8 years older than me, but I don't think that's bad.

*His Jupiter opposite my Ascendant means he'd bring harmony and generosity to the relationship AND landing in my 7th house means he'd bring harmony and generosity in a relationship too. (exact)
*My Sun conjunct his Venus means attraction, compassion and good feelings for both of us. (4 degrees)
*Moon trine Jupiter (3 degrees)
*Moon trine Moon (1 degree)
*Asc sextile Asc (exact)
*My Moon conj his Bride asteroid (exact)
*His Lada (Slavic goddess of love & marriage) conj my Saturn (exact)
*His Venus sextile my Lada and Boda (wedding) (exact)
*His Mars conj my Vertex (2 degrees)
*Plus a Grand Earth Trine/kite aspect

The really bad aspects were my Sun opposite his Pluto meaning I might try to dominate his personality and my Mercury square his Neptune suggesting possible confusion on my end in regards to him.

*Btw* I used the Souli asteroid to mean soul.