Poor Prep Colon



Here is my dilemma... I have always been under the assumption that during a colonoscopy if the physician reaches the cecum regardless if the prep was poor or not, it is considered a complete colonoscopy:

"The procedure, indications, preparation and potential complications were explained to the patient, who indicated understanding and signed the corresponding consent forms. Diagnostic type colonoscopy. IV anesthesia Continuous pulse oximetry, blood pressure, and cardiac monitoring was done. Supplemental oxygen was used. The quality of preparation was good. Patient was placed in left lateral decubitus position. Following a digital exam, the colonoscope was introduced through rectum and advanced under direct visualization until cecum and terminal ileum was reached The cecal sling folds were seen. The appendiceal orifice and the ileo-cecal valve were identified. The colonoscope was retroflexed within the rectum. Careful visualization was performed as the instrument was withdrawn. Patient tolerance to procedure was good. The procedure was difficult due to poor prep and vegetable matter. Digital exam was normal with the following findings: hemorrhoids. The colonoscope was withdrawn and the procedure was terminated due to scope clogging.. A time out to confirm patient's name, status, planned procedure and physicians involved was performed with the endoscopy technician, anesthesia provider and endoscopist present prior to beginning the procedure"

Patient is now being brought back in December for another colonoscopy. They have Horizon BCBS of NJ. How should I bill??????