Question about a credit card balance transfer..



So I have this credit card with a $15,000 credit limit. Right now there's a balance of $7000 on it, at 0% interest.

I'm in no hurry to pay this off as I have other higher interest debt like my student loan - however, the 0% promo rate expires next month.

They just gave me an offer for another 0% balance transfer for 12 months, and even sent me a balance transfer check.

SO my question is, if I do a balance transfer check for $7000 and take it to another checking account, can I use that $7000 to pay off the $7000 whose interest rate is expiring?

I'm wondering if the credit card company would catch onto that; my understanding is that they will take the minimum payment and apply it to the new 0% promo debt, and apply the rest of it to the high interest rate debt. Is that correct?

As far is I know, they have to apply excess payments to the higher interest rate debt per law.