questions about upgrade from ProTools10 to ProTools 12



I'm thinking about upgrading from ProTools 10.3.9 to ProTools 12, and I have many questions. Here are a few:
1) What happens with my Expand 2 plug-ins that are included in ProTools 10? Will they still work in version 12? I'd like to keep using some of them.
2) What kinds of virtual instruments are included in verson 12? Do they work the same way as Expand 2, I mean with lanes under the tracks where you can program a vibrato, etc.?
3) I'm not planning to subscribe for new updates if I upgrade to ProTools 12. Does that mean that ProTools 12's plug-ins won't work anymore after one year? Or do you get to keep them even if you don't subscribe?
4) What kind of reverb does ProTools 12 have? I'm quite satisfied with the AIR Stereo reverb included in version 10. Can I still use it in 12?
5) I also have Kontakt 5 and the Vienna Symphonic Library's Konzerthaus organ software. Will these plug-ins work the same way in ProTools 12?
6) Some of the recordings I've made with version 10 contain .wav files I've made earlier with Audacity and imported. Will they still work with version 12?
7) And last but not least, will my present M-Box mini work with ProTools12?
Thanks for your advice!

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