RCR123A Questions



First, I am relatively new to battery recharging and have really enjoyed reading and learning, the amount of knowledge and expertise on this forum is incredible!

I just received a package of Tenergy RCR123A cells (see picture below). Before I start using them I want to ensure I know what I am doing and am being safe, your guidance is greatly appreciated.

I've read a significant number of posts on the RCR123A/16340 cells and am not confident that I really understand the limits I need to adhere to, so here are my questions -

  1. What is min/max charge rate?
  2. What is min/max discharge rate?
  3. What is the nominal and max charge voltage?
  4. What is the nominal and min discharge voltage?

Based on my reading I think the max charge rate is 1C and the min discharge is ~2.8V.

FYI... I am using a SkyRC MC3000 charger.

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