From the end of September to the beginning of November 2014 I was involved with a guy and we were incredibly compatible... there was this instant spark and quality of being drawn-to-each-other. The way I would probably describe this relationship is as a chemical connection just based on raw sexual chemistry. However, we were in a more casual relationship and he didn't love the direction it was going in of it becoming more romantic, I agreed at the time because we're both pretty young and were going through a lot of adjustment on our own.

We were still in contact though, and around Valentine's Day I told him how I liked him a lot and he told me he couldn't do an "emotional level" but about a month or so later he started dating a girl that we both knew and that I have to interact with on a daily basis... needless to say that it turned really bitter fast.

That being said, they just broke up (he's not too concerned about it, his ex is more upset), and a mutual friend of us both suggested that perhaps it was a good time to clear the air with him because I am quite evidently still in love with him, and while it might not be as strong on his end, I don't get the feeling he's over it.

I've attached both our charts with transits and a synastry chart. My chart is the first one. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether this is a good time to try and reconcile?

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