Roku HDMI - 2017 Flying Cloud 25



My FC 25 rear bedroom has two flatscreen TVs, neither are smart TVs. It also has a Clarion DVD player inside a small box in a forward storage compartment.

The TV in the living area is fixed to the wall so tightly that you cannot access the back. The bedroom TV has a swing-out wall bracket, and you can unplug the installed HDMI plug and replace it with a Roku to stream television networks. (That TV actually has two HDMI ports, but the wall mount itself covers one up.)

My question is, how can I plug the Roku stick into the forward TV since I can't even see the back of the TV? Or is there a way to plug an HDMI device into the DVD player? (Then again, I really am not sure how that DVD player is even attached inside that box-type frame that holds it in place.)

Thank you for any advice.

Chuck Hustmyre
Baton Rouge, LA