Shops that Mount Low Profile Tires on Powder Coated Rims - Raleigh-Durham, NC



Incase this thread is of any benefit to folks in Raleigh Durham looking for a shop that mounts low profile tires on powder coated rims, I'm documenting my plight incase it ever helps somebody in a similar situation.

On Tuesday this week, I ran over a nail when driving through many of the roads with active construction near RTP where I work. It's enough to cause a slow leak of maybe 1 PSI per 15 minutes.

I used the included "fix a flat" air pump in the trunk of my 2011 SS. For anybody who hasn't done this before — the air pump has a cartridge of fix a flat liquid that it disperses into the tire while filing it. However, once the tire is filled, you need to drive the car for a few minutes to let the liquid coat the inner tire. This seems to be holding so far.

I also ordered a replacement tire sealant cartridge on Amazon here:

However, a local shop confirmed the tires are too bald to be patched, and I needed a new set on all 4.

Which leads to the main focus on this discussion: 2 years ago, I ordered custom powder coated "Type 41" ZL1 replica rims off Camaro5. These shipped as a tire/wheel package, pre-balanced from a shop out of state. What do you do when you have low profile tires on easily-scratched powder coated rims?

Well, the options are extremely limited. Take it to a shop like Firestone (the first place I went to see if it the tire could be patched) and they will state they aren't liable for scratches. Try to take it to a custom rim shop like RimTyme (most other shops gave me a referral to them) and they will say they don't touch rims that weren't bought from them, even though they have the right equipment to install low profile tires safely.

Well, after calling 5-6 different places and being told repeatedly that the tires cannot be safely mounted without incurring damage to the rims, a shop with a very unassuming name — Discount Tire Store — in Raleigh has offered to do the installation. They claim to have the more expensive plastic-tipped tire mounting equipment that won't scratch rims and works with low profile tires as well. They went on to state that they work with many high end cars that require this kind of level of care.

Their Yelp reviews seem stellar, so it sounds like this isn't just bs.

Let's see what happens. I'm starting off with relatively flawless rims. I will post a review when they finish mounting my replacement tires ordered from Tire Rack. Here are the "before" pictures. Hopefully, they won't look to different when all is said and done. (Ignore the streaks of white liquid on the rear left tire — that's just the fix a flat)

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