Slow graphics when displaying Avid plug-ins


Paul Maunder

I've just installed Pro Tools 12.3.1 along with OS X El Capitan on my 2013 Mac Pro. I was previously using Pro Tools 11.3 with Yosemite. Now, whenever I open an Avid plug-in, the graphics slow down considerably. If I open 2 or more Avid plug-ins, it slows down to the point of being unusable. Third party plug-ins such as Waves don't cause the same issue. I have trashed all preferences and re-installed Pro Tools from scratch but the problem is still present. Audio playback is unaffected, as is the playback of any video within the session. It's just the graphical display of the Pro Tools interface itself which becomes extremely sluggish.

If I have plug-ins open which cause it to slow down and I then drag a mac Finder window in front of the plug-in so it's no longer visible, I can see that the Pro Tools graphical display returns to normal, with metering and time displays etc updating as they should.

I have 64GB of RAM installed so I know it has nothing to do with this. Also, I've tried it with both my HD Native Thunderbolt/OMNI interface and with the mac's built in line output and the issue is the same.

The CPU usage remains low and is unaffected by this problem. It's purely a graphical issue and I have so far been unable to resolve it. Has anyone else experienced this?