The story of M4 and X5M



Greetings to all!

As some of you may know we had an M stable consisting of of the M4 and X5M.
In August of this year we got an i3 as a city car. M4 was my DD and X5M was my wife's.

All of a sudden, the X5M was sitting in the garage and collecting dust. My wife totally preferred the electric propulsion for city driving and running errands. X5M was rarely driven and the need for it, other than occupying garage space, was questioned heavily.

The vote to get rid of the X5M was unanimous and inevitable. I welcomed the idea as I started looking for a Turbo S. However, we quickly realized, that Turbo S is even less "practical" than the M4. Not that anyone considers practicality when shopping those cars. We agreed that we needed more of a family car. Thus, we had to compromise on the M6 Gran Coupe, since it was larger than the M4 and would fulfill the "needs for a family car".

So, as they say, the rest is history. Gone are the X5M and M4 in favor of the M6GC and i3. No regrets, and all parties are happy.

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