what zodiac sign/s have these qualities ?



1-what zodiac sign/s have these quality:like woman who wear pants and hate woman who wear only Dresses and conservative,modest and feminine clothes ?

2-what zodiac sign/s have these quality:feminist ?

3-what zodiac sign/s have these quality: believe that sexual desire/pleasure/expression is against woman and love ,mental illness and animalism if it was casual,the axis of one life and wasn't,restrained to a certain time,place and age (like at night -in the bedroom -from age 18 to 50)

4-what zodiac sign/s have these quality:anti-feminist ?
(believe in : patriarchy - woman should stay at home as possible -woman should wear modest feminine clothes only -woman should Obey man - woman and man should have different and fixed gender role and should have fixed Psychological differences )

5-what zodiac sign/s have these quality: sees man sexual advances,flattery,expression and even sexual gaze to woman as sexual harassment that must be criminalized ?

6-what element/s or planet/s or zodiac sign/s rule or cause the change that happens in the world from the 30s to the 90s that allow and pushed woman to wear,work, act, and live like man - and criminalize marrying under the age 18 )