will i see him again?



My best friend, a woman in her early 40ies, met a man she really liked. She's on her own for a while and really looking for someone new in her life.
she asked some minutes ago "Will i see him again?" ...
Jupiter is in the 1st house, which i take a a good sign although he's in detriment there. Jup. will trine Moon soon! They will meet??!
But Moon is as well in detriment, in Capricorn, - so the whole situation doesn't look too good, yes?
Mercury and Moon are in the 5th sign, - and yes, she is looking for joy and she is still thinking about children...
Mercury will soon aspect Venus, -- can this be taken as she will find love?
She's a lovely person and i would like for her to be happy again!
does anyone want to help with some insight? Thank you!

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