Write About Donald Trump, Earn Money [25-50% commission]



Hey everyone.

Anyone here who knows me, has to have expected that Trump would be my guy. Finally! A candidate as contentious as I was, back in the day when I was allowed to talk politics here!

Well, they haven't banned Trump from the GOP yet, so until they do, I'm covering every news story I can, with a neutral-to-pro Trump angle when possible, at TrumpStump2016.com. Problem is, there's usually 10-15 stories a day, and I can't keep up.

I'm hiring writers who'd like to work on assignment (a daily list of stories goes out, the writing pool volunteers for whichever story they want to do, then submit the work before end of day) for a paid commission on every story, based on traffic.

We pay 25% of gross for every story that generates revenue (172 of the 194 stories posted in November earned money). If a story makes the top 25 for revenue, that's bumped to 35%. The top 10 stories of the month get paid 50%.

Our traffic is smallish, but growing. We had 100,000 pageviews in November, and are trending upward by 20-25% every month. We expect traffic to skyrocket in February as the primary elections begin, and -- if Trump does well there -- the sky's the limit in 2016.

You don't even have to like Trump or his policies, as long as you can write political stories with a neutral slant. No experience necessary: my first writing job came from a writing sample, and a willingness to write.

If you're interested, drop me a line @ clary.david@gmail.com. Send a writing sample, please and a cover letter with any relevant writing/journalism experience you might have, and a little about yourself.

Thanks, I hope to hear from you soon.