Zephyr Cove Yields Another Trophy



fished Friday in Matagorda in the infamous Zephyr Cove. Was fishing shallow in about 18" of water with mud bottom when she hit. Walking the FatBoy (Pearl black back) with a big slow walk with occasional pause. Can you say THUMP!!!!

Was a great day grinding looking for a big bite with my friend Mac Jank. We fished for the big bite almost all day... Mac grinded out a couple keepers when we finally pulled off the big girls to hunt for a meal ourselves. Beautiful day. Mac is a helluva fisherman.

It was classic Big Trout DVD technique. If you don't have this DVD it's 1 hour 40 mins of just instruction on catching big trout on the gulf coast and was shot in Baffin, Matagorda, and Galveston but applies to anywhere on the Gulf Coast. There are testimonials from Panama City Fl, Mobile, Sabine, all the way to SPI. What was cool was that I had never been in this one particular flat, but because of the information in the Big Trout DVD I was able to SCORE! Don't take my word for it, hundreds of testimonials on this board and on the website.

I was fishing with a Zephyr Industries Rod (Mac repairs rods now) he rebuilt mine with some killer mods and made it even better; Lew's Tournament Pro reel. Good equipment makes a huge difference, and so does taking care of your equipment so it's ready to go the next time out. SunCoast Marine Works in LaMarque keeps my 1000 hour Zuk running top notch and it's fun listening to my G-Spot Services stereo on the way to the big trout spots. Good people that make you feel like family every time.


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